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A helpful site providing essential information about taxi services, air taxi, taxi limo service, water taxi, book a taxi in France, taxi services to airports and more.


GPS Taxi Tracking for Google's Android Mobile Phone
The cab-calling service will use a phone's GPS to order a taxi and tell the driver where to find you. The application is currently being called 'Cab4Me' and will be available on phones that run Google's forthcoming Android mobile operating system. It is unknown whether it will be available for other GPS enabled mobile phones. The cost of this application is also not yet determined. Visit the One Click GPS Taxi page for images and more.

Taxi, Yellow New York cab
Yellow New York cab

This website provides useful information about many different types and styles of cabs and services that they provide. This information can be found by navigating with the links on the right. A taxi is a vehicle that conveys passengers around locations of their choice, the difference between a public transport and a taxi is that it is the passenger who decides where to be dropped off. When most people think of, or hear the name "Taxi" they immediately think of a big yellow car with a sign on top, this is the stereotypical image of a taxi cab in many countries around the world.

Different countries will have different opinions of what a taxi will look like, whether its the traditional black cab that can be seen driving around in London, or the yellow cabs of New York City, the cab will always offer the same services.

Taxi, New York yellow cab

The image of the actual taxi vehicle varies from country to country, some are big and bulky where as some are small and thin, in some locations such as Asian countries it is even possible to ride in a taxi cart that is being pulled by a man.

Even though the image of the cab varies, many people say that you will always get the same service with an amount due at the end of your journey.

One Click GPS TaxiOne Click GPS Taxi - This is a future service/application with the Android phone and we are not sure if it will be available on other phones at this time. If the application does get released and works well it should save you time & hassle.

24/7 Taxi Companies24/7 Taxi Companies - Here are some 24/7 taxi companies. Links and information of different companies in different places where you could get a taxi, and they are available 24/7.

Online Taxis 24/7Online Taxis 24/7 - Several companies are available offering online taxis 24/7 services. Check some places where you could book online a Taxi to pick you up from the airport, go downtown and more.

Taxi ServicesTaxi Services - Taxi services are widely available in most of the world's countries, these include taxi services to airports, Fort Walton beach cab and taxi Montfort services. Information about them can be found on this page.

Air TaxiAir Taxi - Air taxi travel gives travelers the ability to travel from their home city directly to their target location, bypassing the traditional hub and spoke commercial air travel system.

Taxi Limo ServiceTaxi Limo Service - A taxi limo service is the best and most luxurious way to travel around a city or to the airport. These taxi limos offer more than a regular taxi services in many ways.

Water TaxiWater Taxi - A water taxi or river taxi is a boat used for public transportation in cities with abundant water channels. Many cities, including New York City have scheduled water taxis which operate in a similar manner to ferries or buses.

Book a Taxi in FranceBook a Taxi in France - There are many websites on the internet which contain information about the taxi companies in France, this makes it even easier for customers to book a taxi in France.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Premier London Cab Website - Information about the cab services available in London.

Liftshare cab links - Links to various cab websites such as Cabnumbers, Zingo and others.

Cabnumbers UK - Find information about your local minicab services including taxi journeys.

Countries all over the world are constantly changing to adopt new computerised and up to date technology, taxis are no exception, it is now possible to book your journey online by using the internet as an online taxi booking service.

By having information about cab services available online, it is even easier to look up details about taxi firms as well as their locations to check availability and generally find useful information about them.

There are also several external links on the right which provide additional information about the cabs and their services.

Taxi, London black cab

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